Can you sell your handmade products without a license

There are plenty of business ideas that can be done from home, that requires small capital that might not even be considered for establishing a business. So we believe that paying an average of AED13,000 to obtain a license in UAE is not an option for everyone, especially for those who are considering it as a side income, which could jump and might get you more than your primary source of revenue if you played it right.

So, for those individuals who often have downtime during the day and looking for another source of income, then selling your unique handmade products online from the comfort of your home without taking any investment risk is the answer for you.

But selling online on your own without obtaining a license is illegal in UAE. It might get you in a risk facing fines up to AED50,000 or even imprisonment, so why the risk while you have the option to sell online with headache free, as you only need to make it, shoot it, upload it, and get paid. Let us now forget about the time we used to spend to set up a stall in craft markets and fair to sell our handmade products and start setting up the same booth virtually but in online marketspaces.

Best Online marketplace to sell your handmade creations: