Can you sell your handmade products without a license

There are plenty of business ideas that can be done from home, that requires small capital that might not even be considered for establishing a business. So we believe that paying an average of AED13,000 to obtain a license in UAE is not an option for everyone, especially for those who are considering it as a side income, which could jump and might get you more than your primary source of revenue if you played it right.

So, for those individuals who often have downtime during the day and looking for another source of income, then selling your unique handmade products online from the comfort of your home without taking any investment risk is the answer for you.

But selling online on your own without obtaining a license is illegal in UAE. It might get you in a risk facing fines up to AED50,000 or even imprisonment, so why the risk while you have the option to sell online with headache free, as you only need to make it, shoot it, upload it, and get paid. Let us now forget about the time we used to spend to set up a stall in craft markets and fair to sell our handmade products and start setting up the same booth virtually but in online marketspaces.

Best Online marketplace to sell your handmade creations:

Several online marketplaces are selling handmade products the allow talented artisans are living across the emirates. Still, not all of these marketplaces offer the number of users Amazon offers, so let's start with selling on Amazon:


Amazon is a remarkably big, trusted company in the world, while billions are visiting; there are millions visiting per month if not per day, but if in case you are one of 0.01% who hasn't discovered amazon yet, then don't worry. We will make sure you understand how the basics work; furthermore, you definitely want to subscribe to our blog for more updates and tricks. But If anytime you need assistance, don't hesitate to contact one of the best in this field, the successful Farah Al Tal for advanced and beginner courses.

So yes, it's selling on Amazon as an individual allows you to sell your products online without the need of a license, where you work remotely from where you please while amazon does the work of customer service, shipping, and more.

Below video will show you the initial steps to set up your Amazon seller in the United Arab Emirates:

So following the above video will allow you to open your account at, and upon receiving your confirmation Email from Amazon team, you will be good to go and start adding your first product.

Just make sure you have the following before getting started with setting up your account:

  • Updated Emirates ID (scanned front and back in 1 file and saved as .jpg or pdf).

  • Your credit card bank statement, which should be recently issued from your bank, and should be under your name the same as the one you are signing up for the seller account.

  • Email address, you can either create a new one for the business or use your personal as they won't be sharing it with your customers.

  • Mobile number, you can buy a separate sim-card if you prefer or use your personal one as it also won't be shared with buyers.

After you complete setting up your amazon seller account and click submit, you are ready to start selling your handmade products or even any eligible products.


Selling with means your family business, as they have built this business to support local and resident unique Artisans and makers to spread the unique handmade products made out of passion, to all over the United Arab Emirates. Selling your creations on DIY MARKIT is rewarding and fun; there is nothing better than earning money from doing the thing you love. From professional designers to hobbyists, the DIY MARKIT marketplace is for every unique Artisan where you will always keep the rights to your work. DIY MARKIT focuses on supporting talented individuals to start up their business and create their private label, from the comfort of their home while taking advantage of spending their days the way they want and next to their families without any stress. What DIY MARKIT does is take the hassle out of selling online so that you can spend more time creating and making what you love.

Above is a quick guide to opening a DIY MARKIT seller account, so what you have to do is as simple as filling the registration form and Email them with more details and attachments if there is any. Your seller dashboard will be straightforward to deal with, as shown below:

There are other impressive marketplaces to sell your handmade products that will be an additional option for you to check out, like and, where you can also list with them. In that case, you will be expanding your potential customer group.


Yes, you can sell your handmade products without obtaining any license, but only when you are using another's license umbrella, with certain limitations. When you are done with this quick guide, you'll have an overview of the selling choices you have in the UAE market to get started building your handmade business. Selling online won't turn you into a millionaire overnight. But with determination and steady effort, you can become a successful handmade business owner. If you are interested in being a handmade business owner, subscribe to our blog to be updated in this field, and we would always love to hear from you! So if you have tried any of the marketplaces mentioned above, please let us know how your experience was!

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