Brandy Rose Crochet Baby Dress - By Omm Hamed (The Crochet House)

This adorable dress can be casual or dressed up for the perfect outfit for any occasion. It has a matte finished and features a simple hand-tied bow in the center front, one pearlized button at the headband, and an elegant flower shaped bracelet.


Simple but beautiful, set will include:

  • Dress
  • Boots
  • Headband
  • Braclet
  • Diaper cover


  • Material: Soft cotton yarn

  • Size: 12m-24m

  • Color: Bandy Rose

  • Handcrafted by The Crochet House

Brandy Rose Crochet Baby Dress Set 12-24

  • Your order will include a donation of AED5 to orphans. For more information visit the link below: