Homemade DIY Japanese knot bag sewing kit box - Made by you:


Learn how to sew your stylish Japanese knot bag at home on your sewing machine that is made by you.


Easy to follow instructions guide, and it will be the perfect kick-off start to the sewing world and making your designs by yourself.


Box will include (pre-measured):

  • Fabric
  • Bobin
  • thread
  • Machine needle
  • Pattern/Template 1:1 ratio


What you need to have before purchasing this kit:

  • Sewing Machine


Level of hardness to complete this project:

  • Easy


Good to know:

  • We source our supply from local markets or imported from the United States.
  • While it is currently not possible to reach the 100% sustainable company, we do consider environmental impact in all of our decision making.
  • Our products were made and prepared by creators just like you, who only pick a high-quality supply for you as they pick for themselves.
  • Your order will also include a Donation of AED5 to orphans.

Japanese Knot Bag Sewing Kit Box

  • Your order will include a donation of AED5 to orphans. For more information visit the link below:

    • https://www.diymarkit.com/about