DIY Wall Hanging Macrame Making kit box - Made by you:


Learn how to knot ropes to design your wall hanging Macrame to complete your home theme.


Easy to follow instructions guide.


Box will include (pre-measured):

  • Cotton rope
  • Wooden Hanger
  • Step by step guide


What you need to have before purchasing this kit:

  • Nothing


Level of hardness to complete this project:

  • Easy


Good to know:

  • We source our supply from local markets or imported from the United States.
  • While it is currently not possible to reach the 100% sustainable company, we do consider environmental impact in all of our decision making.
  • Our products were made and prepared by creators just like you, who only pick a high-quality supply for you as they pick for themselves.
  • Your order will also include a Donation of AED5 to orphans.

Wall Hanging Macrame Making Kit Box

  • Your order will include a donation of AED5 to orphans. For more information visit the link below: