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Saleswoman in Boutique Store

What DIY MARKIT does is take the hassle out of selling online so that you can spend more time creating and making what you love.


  • Optimized for Google and other search engines

  • Dealing with humans not systems

  • Unlimited number of products listing

  • No setup fees

  • Offer customizable coupon codes


  • Direct local bank transfer process

  • Keep the rights to your work


  • Monthly challenges

  • Handmade products ONLY

  • Private seller dash-board


  • We do Product photography


  • We list your products


  • Fast support team


  • Instagram tags


  • Guest reviews

  • No listing fees

  • We don't compete with your products

  • You help orphans as we donate on every order

If you want to sell with DIY MARKIT, this means you are trading with your family business. As they have built this business to support local and resident unique Artisans and makers to spread the unique handmade products made out of passion all over the United Arab Emirates.

Selling your creations on DIY MARKIT is rewarding and fun. There is nothing better than earning money from doing the thing you love. From professional designers to hobbyists, the DIY MARKIT home is for every unique Artisan where you will always keep the rights to your work. DIY MARKIT focuses on supporting talented individuals to start up their businesses and build their private label, from the comfort of their home while taking advantage of staying next to their families and loved ones.



Register for a seller account

  • Our category box is open to any creative handmade products, fill the application, and make sure you describe your creation correctly.


Send us a sample of your product

  • Ship a sample of each product you are going to register with us, so we arrange the photography and listing for your products.


Customers Place an Order

  • You will receive instant Email with your new order, we will ship the sample we have, and you will start making a new one to be ready for the future order.


Get paid as direct as fulfillment

Enjoy immediate payouts every fulfilled and delivered orders with no delays or waiting periods.